About Us

We love all things audio!

We bring together more than a decade each of award winning experience. Ben comes from a music recording background, and Ruth from the world of post production. It’s really fun to mix them up!

We find that no matter how many different projects you’ve been involved in, there is always something new to learn.
We try to stay curious and open to new ideas and technology.

We love exploring and creating new acoustic worlds with sound.


Our services include:

Sound Design & Dubbing Mixing for TV, Advertising, Digital, Film and Radio
Bespoke Music Composition
Music Production, Recording and Mixing
Live Concert Mixing
Voice Over Recording
ADR Recording

We can, and often do, work remotely so it doesn't matter where in the universe you are, we can still do you some fantastic audio! We're plugged into an amazing network of musicians, sound designers, sound recordists, and engineers, so we can expand the team as and when.

Think of us as a cloud based audio production house. Give us a shout for more details.