Apple Music

Charlie Puth – Some Kind Of Love

A short clip of Charlie Puth live at the roundhouse filmed and mixed as part of the Apple Festival Concert 2015.

Full track here:

This was another epic Apple Festival mix! Hard drives with the show’s multitrack were rushed to Abbey Road after the concert. Ben then mixed the full concert overnight in 12 hours at Abbey Road Studios assisted by John Barret.

Charlie Puth’s drummer at this gig was incredible, super tight, sounded amazing and looked like he was having a lot of fun!

The mixes were mastered by Jens Borgon and Tony Lindgren in Sweden and the artist chose a few tracks from the concert to be released on Apple Music the next morning.

Apple Music
Recording Engineer:
Andy Scarth
Mixed By:
Ben Mason
Mastered by:
Jens Borgen and Tony Lindgren