Apple Music

Chic feat. Nile Rodgers – Le Freak

This is a live video EP mixed by Ben at Abbey Road during Apple Festival 2015.

A short clip from another one of Andy Scarth’s epic mixing missions for Apple Festival. Huge track counts (300 channels at 96K), tight deadlines (24 hour turnaround) and a big show made these mixes both fun and terrifying all at the same time. A lot of Redbull was consumed!

We got one of the best bits of client feedback ever from Nile after this mix: “It sounds just like us playing live, [email protected]@king cool!” I was well happy with that.

Apple Music
Recording Engineer:
Andy Scarth
Mix Engineer:
Ben Mason
Assistant Engineer:
John Barret
Mastered by:
Jens Borgen and Tony Lindgren