Apple Music

Lady Gaga – Applause

Here’s a short clip of Lady Gaga performing live at the iTunes festival 2013.

This is a song from the first live concert I ever mixed! Epic amounts of pressure as Lady Gaga was premiering her new album live at the iTunes festival in 2013, no one had heard a note of it until she walked on stage. After the show I was handed the hard drives of shows multitrack (more than 300 tracks of audio) and given 12 hours to mix the entire concert ready for release the next morning, it was absolutely gripping!

Adding to the difficulty, the studio I was mixing in was set up in an untreated office space down the road from the roadhouse, I only had my trusty ATC’s for comfort.

Fortunately, she loved the mixes and they released them shortly afterwards. Phew!

So began my concert mixing journey. Huge thanks to Andy Scarth and the crew at Apple Music for giving me the opportunity.

Apple Music
Recording Engineer:
Andy Scarth
Mixing Engineer:
Ben Mason
Mastered by:
Jens Borgen